This section applies to Retailarc Enterprise.

Retailarc Enterprise was designed using advanced technology to help protect your investment. Its layered architecture delivers a number of benefits.

Scalability and Extensibility

  • Publish-subscribe message handling and SOA architecture facilitates integration with external systems.
  • Layered architecture facilitates adding or changing application components and/or retail devices:
    • Easily add more POS terminals for growth within a store.
    • Add a new store by simply adding a Store Server on location and attaching the POS terminals.
    • Add Enterprise Server nodes for horizontal scaling.

Performance and Availability

  • Sales transactions are processed using the local Store Server and are not dependent on the external network to the Enterprise Server.
  • Stores can operate offline through network outages.
  • Data is resynchronized
  •  automatically between the Store Server and Enterprise Server when communication is re-established.
  • Store Server application can run on a POS Terminal for improved affordability. If that terminal fails, another can assume the primary role.

Robustness and Portability

  • J2EE-compliant for redundancy and reliability.
  • .NET for user friendliness and ease of learning.
  • JDBC provides database independence.