Different types of retailers have different needs:

  • If you sell mobile phones or e-bikes, you need to track serial numbers.
  • If you operate a health food store, you don’t need serialization but you need to be aware of expiration dates.
  • If you’re a fashion retailer, you may need to generate SKUs for the same product in various sizes, colours and styles.

Qualicom offers several variations of Retailarc to help best meet your unique needs.

General Merchandise​

For most stores, this version will satisfy your need for efficient day-to-day retail management and POS operation. The General Merchandise version offers:

  • An intuitive screen and workflow design that makes it easy to learn and use.
  • Easy modification and completion of transactions and transaction line items.
  • Automatic promotions and cross-sell suggestions that help increase sales.
  • Efficient start- and end-of-day processes, freeing you up to do what’s really important.
  • Complete control of your products, inventory, and customer and staff profiles.
  • Analysis of your sales, inventory, promotion events, and so on, making it easy for you to strategize and grow your business.

Fashion Products

If you sell clothing, shoes, sporting apparel, accessories and other fashion items, you know how hard it is to manage products that have multiple sizes, colours, and styles. The last thing you need is to spend your time entering dozens of SKUs for various combinations of similar products.

The Fashion Products version gives you all the functionality of the General Merchandise version, plus the ability to:

  • Set up varying sizes, colours, and styles when you define a product.
  • Search inventory by colour, size or style to know whether an alternate product is in stock. This enables you to spend more time on the sales floor rather than scrambling through boxes in the back office.

Expiry Products

If you sell products such as perishable food items, pharmaceuticals, and health supplements, you need to know how many items you have in stock from a particular lot and when they will expire.

The Expiry Date Products version gives you all the functionality of the General Merchandise version, plus the ability to:

  • Specify the lot number and expiry date when you receive products into inventory.
  • Run reports of soon-to-expire products so that you can create promotions to offload them faster and not be left with inventory you can’t sell.
  • Run reports of expired products so that you don’t end up selling items that are past their expiry date.