Retailarc enables you to grow from a single store with a single checkout station to a multi-store enterprise controlled from a central location and not lose any of your system investment along the way.

Opening Your First Store

When you’re starting out small, with a single sales lane, and looking forward to the extra time you’ll be able to spend with customers to grow your business.

1  You purchase Retailarc Independent (software and hardware package).

Or try it for 90 days. We’ll gladly offer you a full refund if you’re not delighted.

2  We set up your system before we ship it to you so that you just need to open the box, plug it in, and turn it on. No messy configuration parameters to deal with.

3  When you receive your system, you enter your business information (product profiles, promotions, reason codes, staff profiles and schedules, and so on).

We can also do this for you, if you prefer, but this is a chargeable service. Contact us for details.

4  You open your doors and start selling more efficiently and profitably.

If you need some direction to steer you through the first few days, Qualicom offers a free training session when you purchase Retailarc.

Adding a POS Terminal

When your store is growing from the time-saving benefits of the Retailarc Independent POS and retail management system, you can seamlessly add a POS terminal to handle the additional business.

1 You call us to purchase the new hardware and software package when you want to add another POS terminal.

2  We increment your Retailarc licence count and configure the workstation to connect to your store server.

3  We ship it out to you, you plug it in, and you’re off and running with an additional checkout lane.

Adding a Store

To run two or more stores from a central location, you may be ready for Qualicom’s next-step product, Retailarc Enterprise. Your investment in Retailarc Independent is fully protected when you upgrade to the Enterprise version.

1  You determine how many sales lanes you require.

2  We configure a Store Server and POS terminals that you will connect to your existing Enterprise Server and ship the Store Server and POS terminals to you.

3  You plug it all in and complete the configuration, or call Qualicom to arrange for our consultants to help you configure these additions to your enterprise.

POS terminals and Store Servers are both individually licensed, and both are transferable from store to store within an enterprise.

If a store is not performing, you can close that location and reopen in a new location using your existing Store Server and POS  licences. Or you can purchase additional Store Server and POS licences when you’re ready to add to your operation with a new location.

Likewise, if you have sales lanes in some locations that are no longer required, but have a need for additional lanes in a different location, you can transfer existing POS licences from one location to another.