Powerful, flexible and easy to use, Retailarc POS delivers the right set of management features for your store or restaurant, whether you’ve just opened your first location or are managing a chain.

Retailarc was designed for two different retail environments:

Retailarc Merchandise

For general retailers, Retailarc Merchandise provides the functionality required to manage products, pricing, promotions, inventory, ordering, locations, and clients, as well as a comprehensive set of reports for business intelligence.

  • The Enterprise edition addresses the high volume needs of multi-location chains and franchises.
  • The Independent edition was designed for one-off businesses or a small number of locations where centralized control is not critical.

Retailarc Restaurant

Retailarc Restaurant was designed with food and beverage industry best practices in mind. In addition to the general functionality of the Merchandise edition, it offers restaurateurs features such as:

  • Restaurant and table layout and management
  • Waiter and table ordering through mobile devices
  • Instant communication of orders to the kitchen or bar station
  • Centralized menu creation and distribution
  • Channels for dine-in, take-away, and delivery

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