Retailarc Merchandise has editions for businesses of different operational scales.

Retailarc Restaurant is a sophisticated management system that supports restaurants and bars of all types and sizes. Its rich features, flexibility, and centralized model is ideally suited to restaurateurs in need of a system that can grow along with their expanding business strategies.

It lets you manage hundreds of restaurants from a central location with a minimum of support staff. And its real-time capabilities provide you with up-to-the-minute sales and inventory information for each restaurant in your enterprise, letting you respond quickly with pricing and promotion updates.

The Retailarc Restaurant Lifecycle

Retailarc supports you throughout the restaurant lifecycle, letting you spend less time on administrative overhead and more time managing and growing your business.

1 Set up your system

At your head office, define your locations, staff, products, menu, promotions, etc. Create your menus (prix-fixe, à la carte, daily specials, drinks, etc.) Then download this information to one or more locations.

2 Restaurant operation

Define your restaurant and table layout, then get ready to serve. Guests can order using the table tablet or through a waiter. Orders are sent directly to the kitchen and displayed on a large, colour-coded screen. And a kiosk can let guests order and pay for take-our meals.

3 Review your performance

Sales and other information from each location is transmitted in near-real-time to the central Enterprise Server, where business managers can run reports to determine the state of the business.

4 Tune the system

Based on this analysis, decisions regarding menu content and pricing, specials and promotions, staffing levels at various times of the day or week, etc. can be translated into actions and downloaded to one or more locations, as needed.