Qualicom Retailarc

System Configuration

This diagram shows the configuration for three stores, two of which have three POS terminals and the other a single terminal. It also shows a centralized payment gateway and an application server to back-office systems, though these are integration add-ons and not part of the out-of-the-box solution. Store Terminal Each Store Terminal runs the Retailarc […]


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What You Get

Out of the Box, Hosted on the Cloud With the out-of-the-box solution, you get the following functionality: A core set of functions designed with retail industry best practices in mind. A point of sale (POS) application designed for ease of learning and ease of use. A web application (RIS) that gives you centralized control of […]


Retailarc Merchandise has editions for businesses of different operational scales. Retailarc Restaurant is a sophisticated management system that supports restaurants and bars of all types and sizes. Its rich features, flexibility, and centralized model is ideally suited to restaurateurs in need of a system that can grow along with their expanding business strategies. It lets […]