Qualicom Retailarc

Target Audience

The Independent Edition is targeted primarily at the owner-operator of independent retail businesses or restaurants. The Enterprise Edition is targeted to a number of different roles. Business and IT Executives Not only is Retailarc Enterprise affordable, its advanced technology helps protect your investment. Its layered architecture delivers: Scalability, making it easy to add application components and […]

Payment Processing

Whichever solution you choose, Retail-IT Enterprise works with your preferred payment processing solution provider to ensure that you are capturing sales as you normally would with your existing system, and can consult with you on possibilities for better solutions. Should you decide to change your payment processing solution provider, Retail-IT Enterprise is certified for Global […]


Retailarc™ was designed with industry best practices in mind, such as the automation of business intelligence, which leads to greater revenue, higher profit, and ultimately business growth. Retailarc supports you throughout the retail industry lifecycle, enabling you to spend less time on administrative overhead and more time managing and growing your business. Here are some […]