Qualicom Retailarc

System Configuration

 This configuration applies to Retailarc Merchandise Enterprise Edition. This diagram shows the configuration for three stores, two of which have three POS terminals and the other a single terminal. It also shows a centralized payment gateway and an application server to back-office systems, though these are integration add-ons and not part of the out-of-the-box solution. […]


Open or download one of the PDF feature sheets, below. Enterprise Feature Sheet Independent Feature Sheet

What You Get

Enterprise Edition Independent Edition Enterprise Edition Out of the Box, Hosted on the Cloud With the out-of-the-box solution, you get the following functionality: A core set of functions designed with retail industry best practices in mind. A point of sale (POS) application designed for ease of learning and ease of use. A web application (RIS) […]

Business Model

Retailarc Merchandise has editions for businesses of different operational scales. Enterprises Retailarc Merchandise for Enterprises addresses the needs of multi-location chains and franchises. Its centralized administration functions provide powerful management and analytic tools for head office staff, while the POS delivers ease of use at the storefront. Independents Retailarc Merchandise for Independents is designed for […]

Business Sectors

Different types of retailers have different needs: If you sell mobile phones or e-bikes, you need to track serial numbers. If you operate a health food store, you don’t need serialization but you need to be aware of expiration dates. If you’re a fashion retailer, you may need to generate SKUs for the same product […]